Death Coil FTW! (cat_burglar) wrote in eq2crafting,
Death Coil FTW!

Ey there

Hey, what's up? My main character's name is Tsuki Kunitake (20 Half Elf Brigand/16 Craftsman) on Lucan D'Lere server, and I plan on becoming my guild's cook.

I'm here for any tradeskilling advice (which is hard to find sometimes), or maybe even possible clients that need anything I can produce. Otherwise, this will suffice as my introduction ^^;;
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I'm here for any tradeskilling advice (which is hard to find sometimes)

There's not much to being a provisioner- the most difficult part is having access to a nice amount of resources. Do you have a guild and/or a few friends on your server? Tell them to harvest your supplies, and in turn, you'll make stuff out of what they give you :o It's a good way to get a somewhat steady flow of resources to gain some levels.

Good luck with the crafting :)

-Motty, 28 Swashbuckler, 38 Provisioner
Thanks for the pointers ^^ My guild's always asking me to cook stuff for them, but now I'm going to have them get the stuff themselves!

Is there a market for food, or certain types of food? I don't know if people are even buying player crafted food, or if it's the wrong types, but on my server; My stuff doesn't seem to sell (Even when I severely undercut the competition).
Drink is the big seller, since drink helps with power regen. Food helps with health regen, which is nice, but doesn't seem as important. Once you start making tier3 crafts, you should find it easier to sell your good.