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The latest on development news for crafters

We realize many artisans were unhappy with today's change which made NPC merchants no longer buy crafted items. We took this step because the imbalances in the selling prices of these items were so extreme. This was not done because of a few people abusing an otherwise balanced system, but rather because the entire system needed to be reevaluated.

Our designers have been working to come up with a solution, and I'm pleased to announce that a significant change will be put in place with the December 10 update: NPC merchants will once again buy crafted items. The price offered by NPC merchants will be based on the actual cost of making the item.

We didn't intend for artisans to see selling to NPCs as a means of earning a profit. Selling products to an NPC should allow you to recoup most of your costs, but the artisan's goal should be to earn money by selling goods to other players. Tradeskill society tasks provide an additional means for crafters to subsidize their work and gain experience and faction through their efforts.

In the near future, our design team plans to introduce new types of fuel that will be required to produce items in each ten-level range. These fuel types will grow more costly at higher levels, and thus higher-level items will both cost more to produce and have greater value to NPC merchants. Again, though, the intent is for the artisan's profit to come from either making interim components for other crafters or producing finished goods to be purchased by other players.

We are also aware of a number of bugs that have troubled artisans since the game's launch. While we have released many fixes through our regular updates, some issues have remained. I'm pleased to report that our major update scheduled for the middle of next week will include many of these fixes. Among them:
Poisons and potions will have descriptions of their effects.
The use of craftsman and provisioner reaction arts will properly advance the artistry skill.
The effects of reaction arts have been balanced.
The benefits of different kinds of food and drink will be clearly visible.
Advanced craftsman books will grant their recipes correctly.
Level 30-50 tradeskill society tasks will be available.
Artisans are meant to play a key role in the world of EverQuest II. We realize bugs and sudden changes can be upsetting, but our team works very hard to make sure all players enjoy their time in Norrath. Thanks for your continued feedback, as well as for your patience in our efforts to build a stronger, more stable game.
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I'm especially happy that food/drink will begin to show their regenerative effects. As a budding provisioner I've been kind of frustrated that people don't understand this is the KEI of the future!
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